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Shift Happens 2022

CyberAgility: The Perfect Pair

“May you live in interesting times.” 

Whoever actually penned that exclamation could not have imagined some of the profound chaos and calamity that we have experienced over the past twenty years. Starting around 2001, we entered an accelerated era of rampant change and disruption that reached never-before-seen levels in 2020 and 2021.

The Wisdom of Series

I am pleased to have three podcasts featured on Stephen Krempl’s “The Wisdom of Series”. Stephen is a long-time leadership learning executive and consultant as well as a long-time colleague and friend of Agility Consulting. He has served in senior leadership development and global learning roles at Integrative Learning Corp, Starbucks and YUM! Brands over his impactful career.

The focus of our broadcasts revolves around our November 2021 article in EMERGENCE, the official journal of The Business Agility Institute. Our article, entitled CYBERAGILITY: The Perfect Pair, explores the parallels between best practices in CyberSecurity and Organizational Agility is co-authored by Tom O’Shea (Principal and Co-Owner of Agility Consulting & Training, LLC) and Dilshan Ratnayake (Chief People Officer at Securonix – a rapidly growing Cybersecurity firm based in Dallas, Texas who just received a $1 Billion private equity capital infusion).

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